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Why Muscle Gravy

A Better Carb Source

Muscle gravy uses corn for carbohydrates. It is slower to digest than the highly processed maltodextrin used in other mass gainers. Added omega-3 fatty acids also aid in slowing digestion.

More Protein Per Serving

Muscle Gravy has much more protein per serving than other mass gainers. Not eating enough protein is much more common than not eating enough carbs.

A helping hand

Pushing through weight and strength plateaus means eating more clean calories. Muscle gravy will help you do that.


Tasty, not too sweet, and mixes smooth without any blending.



You should call the flavor chocolate tamale, It's amazing



It has helped me put on a bunch of good weight, a great tool



Blog posts

The Three Pillars of Nutrition

The Three Pillars of Nutrition

The most important thing about changing your body is total calories in vs total calories out, there is no way around that. This is the most important thing, not the ONLY thing. Secondly, the macronutrient breakdown of those calories will determine what kind of weight is coming on or off of your body. Finally, every other factor such as meal timing and even calories burned from working out come into play and are much much less important. If you eat junk, you will be a hungry person on this kind of nutrition strategy. You will also most likely gain fat more quickly.
Muscle Gravy is Born

Muscle Gravy is Born

It was 2013 when I decided to make a change and put on some lean body mass. At that time my bodyweight was about 190lbs and I wanted to be 250lbs, ...

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