Muscle Gravy is Born

It was 2013 when I decided to make a change and put on some lean body mass. At that time my bodyweight was about 190lbs and I wanted to be 250lbs, and not more than 15% body fat. I was already doing meal preparation in bulk and freezing foods but it was not enough. I just could not bring myself to shovel those additional calories into my mouth any more. Adding ice cream or other things like that would have allowed me to put weight on, but it would have been fat, and a lot of fat. That kind of advice is typical, but ill advised in my opinion.

At that time I was becoming very interested in the concept of Soylent. For those of you who are not familiar with Soylent, it is a meal replacement shake that is designed to REPLACE all of your food with this liquid slurry. The founder of Soylent, Rob Rhinehart has a very interesting personal blog that I read closely. Unfortunately, among bodybuilders and powerlifters the dogma that “supplements are not food” and “you shouldn’t make too much of your diet supplements” abounded. The anti-establishment view that Rob took was extremely interesting to me. Rob didn't die, and actually, by his own account and many metrics, he got quite a bit healthier. I decided that I would also be my own guinea pig and challenge conventional wisdom.

What Rob developed with Soylent was very interesting to me but his vision was to create a product that was designed for the average person. I am not the average person though, and I wanted to be 250 lbs. Soylent was simply not the tool for achieving that goal. Luckily, there is a vibrant community of people trying the experiment themselves. At the time this was called the DIY Soylent community. I found a recipe called People Chow “tortilla perfection!” that used Masa Harina. The beautiful thing about corn masa is that is has a low glycemic index relative to other sources of carbohydrates such as maltodextrin. Other recipes used oat powder but that is too rich in micronutrients to eat in the quantities necessary to be 250 lbs. The other problem with oat powder was that it causes gas issues. 

I was blogging on blogspot as user 7zf [2] where you can see some of the results of my experiments. In short, it worked better than I thought was possible. I was able to experiment with optimal weight gain nutrition. For several weeks I experimented with intermittent fasting to keep fat down while gaining weight as well as carb cycling. I found that neither of those approaches made any difference, and that the number one factor in what my weight was doing was the total number of calories that I was consuming. To maintain weight gain I continued to add more calories, since my increasing lean mass was also increasing my resting metabolic rate.

My weight has fluctuated around bulk and cut cycles since then, but something that I knew for sure was that Muscle Gravy would always be a large part of my diet as it is today. I am so sick of mixing the powders by hand, and I have gotten enough requests from friends to create a product out of it, that I have decided to go for it. The result of all of this effort is something that I am incredibly proud of. This product is 100 times better than the first meal replacement shake that I created in my kitchen. I can now confidently say that, in my opinion, Muscle Gravy is the single best weight gainer supplement available.


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